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The first step is getting on the ballot! I have pdf of my petition here that anyone can print at home. If you live in District 5, knock on your friend’s doors and ask them to sign the petition!


A campaign’s best asset are people who care and are passionate about the change the candidate will make. We need people to do a variety of jobs and no matter what you are able to do and how much time you have, we would love your help! From stuffing envelopes or stamping postcards -to- walking neighborhoods and knocking on doors -to- sharing or message on social media, every volunteer action helps us win!

Yard Sign

Yard signs help get Mary Jo’s name out in front of people and recognition by voters that are hard to reach. Hosting a sign in your yard can help start a conversation with neighbors about the campaign. Sign up below to get a yard sign when they come in.

If you see signs along roadways or know of a great place to place a sign along a road, let us know that as well below! When signs are ready, we will go out and place them!


Campaigns cost money. Mary Jo is relying on donations from supporters to obtain the needed tools to run a winning campaign. With your help, the campaign can purchase printed materials, yard signs, this website, and other advertising to get Mary Jo’s message out to all of District 5.




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