Enhance Quality of Life

For All Residents

All residents of DuPage County have the right to be safe, healthy, and have access to services that ensure their basic needs are met.  No matter who you are and what you do, I believe the County can continually improve the quality of life for all citizens in its routine operations and through new services and partnerships.

I believe the critical ways the County can impact our Quality of Life are:

  • Provide social services that lead to self-sufficiency

  • Address the mental health crisis and work to prevent suicides

  • Confront and act upon the opioid crisis

  • Focus on public safety


Increase our Sustain-ability & Resilience

for our future and the generations that follow

I have worked throughout my career in keeping people and property safe from disasters and reducing the environmental impact of development. I will help DuPage County be a leader in environmental sustainability and overall resilience. Without a strong focus in this area, the County is taking a short-sighted look at its risks and opening up itself up to significant future personal and economic costs as a result of not planning now.

To address these concerns, we must:

  • Plan for economic resilience

  • Mitigate against Natural Disasters, especially Floods and Storms

  • Use Sustainable Design Practices

  • Be Environmentally Innovative and a Leader in Resilience


Boost Economic Growth

for small & disadvantaged businesses, local labor and citizen tax relief

As an entrepreneur and woman business owner, I understand the importance of growth and small businesses. My business focuses on small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses to help them achieve a competitive advantage. Small and local businesses face many challenges; helping these businesses overcome challenges will increase the County’s economic grown and bring in additional, long-lasting revenues to the County that do not depend on property taxes.

To achieve this, I believe we must:

  • Be a Hub for Technology

  • Foster Small Businesses Development

  • Use Local Skilled Labor, Businesses, and Service Providers


Save Money

For Taxpayers

At Lisle Township, I have worked with the Board to grow services and programs while decreasing the budget. I have used my project management expertise to evaluate past expenditures, identify current and future needs, budget appropriately, and control costs. Services and programs have grown through re-allocating funds, developing partnerships and coalitions, and leveraging staff time rather than asking taxpayers to pay more.

In order to accomplish our goals without impacting taxpayers, I believe we must:

  • Grow Partnerships

  • Collaborate with Local and State Government

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions and Investments