VOTE MARCH 17, 2020


for DuPage County Board, District 5

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Why I Run


I run for the people. 

There is a problem in DuPage County. For too long, elected officials have treated political offices like a game. A power play. A resume builder. A title. Our system allowed them to act in their own self-interest, rather than the people they represent.

We deserve local and County governments that represents the people. All of the people.

I run to serve the residents. I run to ensure the services, opportunities and future growth of DuPage County remains focused on the everyday citizens who live here. When the County Board serves, protects, and supports residents, the County and its people thrive together. 

I run because we can do better. I run to do the work of the people and positively impact the people I represent. With your support, we can end the partisan and power games and focus on the needs of the people. 

I run for you. I run to serve the people.

Who is Mary Jo?

Mary Jo has served the public for her entire career. She will use her work and personal experience and expertise to help individuals, families, and small businesses be safe, feel secure and thrive. Mary Jo’s professional, personal, and public service past has given her firsthand experience and insight into nearly all operations and departments of the County.


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